Find Out the Condition of the Main Sewer Line

There are many problems that can occur within the main sewer line, the most commons being root intrusions that can cause blockages of the drain line and damage the pipe. Bellied pipe- is when a section of the pipe has sunk due to ground or soil conditions, creating a sag that collects paper, waste and roots. Many sewer pipes are made of materials that have a specific design life expectancy and may be worn out to the point of needing replacements or repairs.


What We Offer

When booking with Jardy Inspections every inspection provides


State-of-the-art Equipment

  • We perform main sewer line video inspections using top-of-the-line cameras, recording systems, and the most accurate locating device available to pinpoint any problem areas within the main sewer line.
  • Our inspections are performed by knowledgeable, highly trained specialists.
  • We provide a color, narrated DVD recording of the inspection on-site. This is accompanied by a computer-generated, written report which can be emailed or delivered on-site.
  • If repairs are recommended, the inspector will also provide a written professional opinion of the approximate repair costs, which can be used as an unbiased point of comparison when acquiring repair estimates from any potential contractors.
  • We can perform specialty video examinations of the smaller branch drain lines as well, such as the drain lines under or within the structure.
  • Inspections performed 7 days a week, Monday through Saturday, with Sunday upon request.
  • We are proud to perform “Inspections ONLY.” We do not perform any repair work or service to the sewer system, which allows us to remain completely objective and unbiased in our findings.
  • Our goal is to provide our clients the most factual information possible so that they can proceed equipped with the knowledge needed to take their next step.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a main sewer line?
The main sewer line is the main drain pipe leading from the exterior of the structure to the city (public) sewer pipe connection normally found under the street or alley. The main sewer line can also connect to a private sewage disposal system such as a septic tank or cesspool.
What is a main sewer line inspection?
The main sewer line is installed underground and therefore not visible. A main sewer line inspection involves sending a special camera into the sewer pipe so that its condition can be determined.
How do you get the camera into the main sewer line?
Many structures have main sewer line cleanouts. A cleanout is an access point with a removable cap to gain entry to the drain pipe. Cleanouts are normally used when the drain pipe is clogged and needs to be snaked out. When no cleanout is available, we can often gain access into the main sewer line by sending the camera down a vent pipe on the roof or by removing a toilet from the floor of the bathroom. The toilet is then reinstalled with a new seal when the inspection is completed.
Do I have a main sewer line?
All structures with any plumbing (sinks, showers/tubs, toilets, etc.) are required to have a main sewer line.
What is the difference between the main sewer line and the drain pipes under or in my building?
The drain pipes under or in the building are the building drain system. This system connects to the main sewer line (also known as the building sewer) just outside of the structure. The focus of a main sewer line inspection is on the drain pipe outside the structure. We do offer specialty inspections of the building drain system if required.
Does Jardy Property Inspections inspect septic tanks?
No, we do not inspect the septic system. However, we do inspect the main line to the tank and can locate the entry point to the tank.
Why You Should Inspect New Construction?
Many brand-new structures are built on pre-developed lots. Frequently a new structure may still be connected to the original underground sewer line. Therefore, having a new building does not necessarily mean that you have a new main sewer line.
Why should I use Jardy Property Inspections as opposed to a plumber for my inspection needs?
We, here at Jardy Property Inspections, do not perform repairs or replacements for the sewer line. This allows us to be completely non-biased in our findings and recommendations.
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