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Luxury Properties Inspection

Buyers of luxury homes are generally cultivated buyers with more interest in getting an accurate report than saving a few dollars on a real estate transaction. There are specific trends which appear to be common among luxury properties. They go as follows:

Newly built luxury properties are often assumed to have been built with fewer defects than a newly built […]

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The Ten Most Common Home Defects

Home inspectors are paid to identify the adverse conditions of a home under consideration for purchase. In our experience of conducting ten’s of thousands of home inspections, we most often see the following:

1. FAULTY WIRING. Worn or outdated systems and homeowner additions are the most common defects, especially in older homes. Electrical system problems are safety related and require immediate […]

Estimating Repairs On Foreclosure Properties

During the periods of January-December of 2011. Colorado ended 2011 as No.9 for its foreclosure rate, according to RealtyTrac.

We all know that bank-owned and foreclosure property sales are clipping along at a fast pace right now. Many consumers are caught up in the perception that they will undoubtedly save mountains of money if they buy a distressed property.

Experienced brokers […]

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Vague Real Estate Terms

Over the years we have all seen, or maybe even written, real estate ads with phrases designed to get attention. Ads with “Plumbing Recently Replaced”, “New Roof”, and “Totally Renovated” grab our attention when shopping for a home. Terms like these can help sell a home, but they can also come back to haunt you. Let me expand on […]

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